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With an attractive, traditional design, the Quaker gives you ample space to step out of the rain while opening the door. Doors or windows can be placed on any wall of the building. Perfect for avid gardeners and hobbyists or for simple storage needs, the Quaker is a stylish, yet practical choice for any landscape.

Quaker Sizes and Pricing

Pre-built Mule Delivery System*

  • When access is available, barns are pre-built and hauled to their location, then off-loaded of a trailer.
  • Many of the barns can be pre-built and delivered thanks to our custom designed trailer
  • Rent to own available
(Sizes displayed in RED are pre-built and delivered)

On-Site Builds
  • If the location of the barn does not allow for pre-built delivery, our team will bring the components that had been prefabricated to the location and assemble the building on site.
  • Rent to own not available with on-site builds.
(Sizes displayed in WHITE are assembled on-site)

Quaker features

  • 4x4 pressure treated skids
  • 2x4 floor joists 12" on center
  • ¾" tongue & groove plywood floor
  • 2x4 studs 16" on center
  • Double gusseted trusses 24" on center
  • Double 2x4 top plate(gable style)
  • Full 1/2" OSB roof sheathing with ply clips at joints
  • 8" x 16" aluminum vents (wood buildings)
  • Ridge vents (vinyl buildings)
  • Drip edge on roof
  • Choice of siding
  • 30 year fiberglass asphalt roof shingles or 40 year metal roof at the same price
  • Heavy duty slide bolts on top and bottom of secondary door for extra security
  • Roof overhangs on all buildings
  • 1" x 4" trim on doors and corners
  • Reinforced doors
  • Keyed door latch
  • Heavy duty strap hinges
  • Ring shanked galvanized nails used for siding and framing
  • Single 34"w x 72"h door on 6' wide buildings
  • Doors 60" w x 72" h on 8' buildings
  • Door 70" w x 72" h on larger buildings
  • Free delivery within 50 miles of Plain City
  • Select models and sizes delivered prebuilt
  • All buildings available built on site ($100 charge applies to select models and sizes)
  • Leveling up to 8" with wood blocking.
  • 5-year warranty