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    Brunswick Tables at Edison Billiard

                 We are a licensed dealer of Brunswick Tables.  Buy your Brunswick Pool Table through us here at Edison Billiard! In addition to the Pool Tables featured, you can buy any Brunswick accessories, tables, or game tables.



This Table is available in 7' 8' or 9' in a variety of finishes including: Espresso, Old World Cherry, Chestnut (featured right), and Two-tone Black and Chestnut (Left). The Glenwood boasted fringed pockets and 3 piece 1'' slate.


The Bridgeport of an 8ft' Table with either a Chestnut or Espresso finish. It has Diamond-Shaped Mother-of-Pearl Rail Sights and a side drawer for accessory storage. It has 3 piece 1'' slate. 


The Brixton is an 8ft' table with a Beachwood finish. It has a hammered metal embellishment at the crossbar of the legs, and a very contemporary feel. 
This 3 piece 1'' slate table comes with your choice of cloth.


The Centurion comes in Matte Black and Mahogany finishes. It is available in

8ft' (only available in Matte Black) and 9ft' sizes.

Park Falls

This is an 8ft' table with an Antique Pine finish. It has Drop Pockets and 

Mother-of-Pearl rail sights. 


Savanna is available in 8ft' and 9ft' sizes, made of 3 piece 1'' slate. 

It has a Prairie finish and enclosed pockets.

Exposition Novelty

This table is part of a special revival for Brunswick's 165th anniversary.  Only 25 of these tables were reproduced. It is a 9ft. table with drop pockets and Asian Water Buffalo Bone rail-sights. The table is built from solid white oak with a unique finish and intricate designs along its; sides. 


The Ashbee comes in both 8ft and 9ft lengths. It has an espresso finish and 

Diamond-Shaped Mother-of-Pearl rail sights.

Visit Brunswick to see more tables.